Hall Printing has made a commitment to being an environmentally friendly company. Here are a few ways that we help:

• Installing both a chemical-free press and chemical-free plate making system.
• Using recycled and FSC® certified paper when possible.
• Reusing and repurposing waste press sheets to set up new jobs. All remaining waste is recycled to the best of our ability.
• Using recycled cardboard boxes and packaging.
• Being FSC® certified! (FSC® C012237)

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. FSC® operates in over 70 countries worldwide as a non-profit organization devoted to the responsible management of the earth’s forests. The purpose of the FSC® Certification is to commit companies to good forestry practices which start within the forest straight through to the consumer. What this means to Hall Printing’s customers is when they purchase FSC® paper for their print materials they are purchasing paper which is made from fully responsibly harvested forests. Being the only FSC® certified printer in the East and West Kootenay allows Hall Printing the opportunity to print projects with the certified FSC® logo onto FSC® papers! By displaying the FSC® logo on your print material, you show your Company’s commitment to making good environmental choices.

You in turn are lightening your own impression on the earth.

Environmentally Friendly Equipment
In 2011, Hall Printing installed a Ryobi DI Waterless press. This press operates without having to wash the system with water and directly images plates on the press. The efficient plate system allows perfect registration so there is less paper waste in set up and during the print run.

In 2013, Hall Printing installed the Glunz & Jensen iCtP PlateWriter 2000 Computer-to-Plate system. This environmentally friendly, energy efficient system uses no processing chemicals or water, and therefore no chemical waste.

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