Hall Printing has a long and rich history of providing print to the communities of the West Kootenay. Hall Printing was founded in 1920 and has made many transformations in equipment and staff in the 100 years of print. We have some cases of letterpress type next to a windmill letterpress which is still used for numbering, scoring and perforating. In the modern print shop, heavy lead type has given way to massive amounts of network cable to connect all the computer controlled production machines.

Ingrid and Ron Hope are the current owners of Hall Printing after purchasing the business from Dave and Gail Chartres in 2005. When Ingrid started at Hall Printing in 1990 as the front office receptionist, the shop consisted of one slow copier, three presses and no computer. Now the two shops in Trail and Nelson depend on 6 copiers, 3 large format printers, 3 presses and 21 computers to print on tons of paper every year.

Large capital investments every year keep equipment current and improve the environmental footprint of Hall Printing. All our platemaking is chemical free, we use vegetable oil based ink, most of our house stock is FSC® certified and all waste is recycled.

Our Staff

Hall Printing staff is the reason for our success. Their dedication to their careers has allowed Hall Printing to have a reputation for quality and excellence in service. They are highly skilled professionals that have a combined total of over 200 years experience. Once you are in the business of print, the ink gets in your veins and becomes your life blood.

Our staff members have joined Hall Printing from all reaches of our country. The educational accreditations include: Journalism Diploma, Cambrian College; Graphic Reproduction Trade Certificate; Electronic Publishing, Selkirk College; Marketing and Communications Diploma, BCIT; Bachelor of Design, Graphic Design for Marketing, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Visual College of Art & Design. With the varied backgrounds and careers in other print establishments, our business is able to evolve and stay current.

Lifestyle in the West Kootenays is one of the contributing factors to retaining our great staff. Interests include golfing, skiing, bike riding, curling, snowshoeing, hockey, dirt biking, ATVing, camping, boating, fishing, walking, running, snowboarding, family time, travelling, reading, crafts, sewing, acting, singing, dancing, swimming, cooking and then eating.


Being part of the community is what makes working in a business the most rewarding. Hall Printing is constantly in touch with the businesses and groups in the communities that are making things happen. Every day we are honoured to interact with bright and spirited people.


Hall Printing has made a commitment to being an environmentally friendly company. Here are a few ways that we help:

• Installing both a chemical-free press and chemical-free plate making system.
• Using recycled and FSC® certified paper when possible.
• Reusing and repurposing waste press sheets to set up new jobs. All remaining waste is recycled to the best of our ability.
• Using recycled cardboard boxes and packaging.
• Being FSC certified!

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